the Music Car

The Music Car was the successor of the successful Muziekfiets

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The Music Car

Standard price is €1250,- excluding taxes, for a 4 hour block (4 performances of ± 30 minutes).

For a ± 30 minute guest performance, the charge is €950,- excluding taxes.

From a 100 kilometers outside of Tilburg, the Netherlands, we charge transport costs: €0,50 per kilometer.

Outside a radius of 250km prices are subject to and on request.

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The Music Car

The Music Car (Dutch: De Muziekauto) was the logical successor to the Music Bike. This musical machine enables music artist Arthur van Poppel to play 50 instruments at once, using his arms, legs, feet, hands and head! The Car also contains a perfect sound system, lighting, a smoke machine and a confetti cannon.

Entertainer Arthur van Poppel plays a varied set of songs on the Music Car, consisting of well known English, Dutch and German songs. He will entertain your audience in the most spectacular fashion, because while he is playing, the Music Car can lift him five meters into the air!

The Music Car is amazing entertainment for people of all ages. Just like the Music Bike, the Car is fit for a multitude of events, such as malls, opening ceremonies, parties and corporate events.

Technical Information
  • Width, folded in: 129cm
  • Height, folded in: 175cm

In this way it fits through the sliding doors of malls and institutions.

  • Playing room: 5 x 5 meters.
  • Minimum playing height: 2.5 meters.
  • Power supply: 220 V,10 A.

In the case of bad weather, the Music Car has a protective cover.

Photos of the Music Car

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