the Jet Fighter

The Jet Fighter is an astounding creation from Music Artist Arthur van Poppel's.

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The Jet Fighter

Standard price is €1250,- excluding taxes, for a 4 hour block.

For a ± 30 minute guest performance, the charge is €950,- excluding taxes.

From a 100 kilometers outside of Tilburg, the Netherlands, we charge transport costs: €0,50 per kilometer.

Outside a radius of 250km prices are subject to and on request.

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The Jet Fighter

The Jet Fighter is an astounding creation from Music Artist Arthur van Poppel's. This plane is an exact, scaled replica of the Joint Strike Fighter! From the outside it's a sight for sore eyes, and an impressive piece of technology on the inside. The Jet Fighter can do almost anything a real plane can!

Apart from a crafty piece of machinery, the Jet Fighter is especially some spectacular entertainment, full of surprises! In the cockpit, one finds sound equipment and a monitor with surveillance cameras. Apart from this, the Jet Fighter has many soundeffects and visual entertainment, such as smoke-, water- and confetti-effects, to surprise its audience again and again. These effects can also be controlled from a distance. The spectators will be amazed! The Jet Fighter also has collapsible wings to enable moving around in tight spaces. The Jet Fighter's pilot has continuous contact with a very professional sounding control tower.

De Straaljager

Like all the entertainment by the Music Artist, the Jet Fighter is fit for a myriad of functions. It can be used in opening ceremonies for bridges, roads, buildings or malls. It can taxi through a shopping centre or fair. Or what about using the Jet Fighter as a special attraction on your corporate party? It's also a very good way to distribute your advertising material or give-aways.

  • Length: 700 cm.
  • Width: 210 cm.
  • Height: 255 cm.
Full size
  • Length: 700 cm.
  • Width: 391 cm.
  • Height: 200 cm.
Taken apart
  • Length: 435 cm.
  • Width: 149 cm.
  • Height: 167 cm.

Photos of the Jet Fighter

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